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Ayush Krishnan
Music Producer & Audio Engineer


Ayush Krishnan is an award winning, multi-genre music producer & mixing engineer hailing from Kerala, India. Specializing in hiphop/prog rock music, He grew up in Dubai and has graduated from SAE Dubai in his Bachelor's in Audio. 


Growing up, learning Indian Classical music helped him experiment with fusion of variety of western music and genres. With having over 25 published track of his in a span of 2 years, he has grown as an Music Producer & become an official GRAMMY U Member as well.



Parallel Lines
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Pulse of the Universe 
14 Track Studio Album

Pulse of the Universe is a 14-track album with a focus on the universe, humanity, and spirituality. To highlight the variety of human experiences and spirituality, each song has a deeper meaning diving into a different genre in each song. To dwell more deep into the universal aspect of the album, the tracks have multiple time signatures to bring out the aspect of time and rhythm.

Parallel Lines

6 Track Studio Album

Elements is a six-track Progressive Rock/Carnatic album that is one of a kind. The fundamental aim is to merge the 5 main songs with the 5 elements of nature, i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Wind, as in the Pancharatna Kritis composed by the 18th-century Indian composer Tyagaraja (each song having its own element with a Title Track).

Parallel Lines

3 Track Extended Play

Moonrise makes listeners find happiness and joy in their life despite the toughest times they are going through. The EP was produced from the perspective of someone relaxing and finding happiness and joy in their lives despite any situation. Set to a fusion genre of Indian Classical Music along with Rock, 

Parallel Lines

There is Hope

There is Hope gives listeners a quick flashback about what happened to India during the deadly second wave of the COVID Pandemic.

The song was written and created from the perspective of someone going through depression after a family member dies for the first time as a result of the pandemic. We hope to capture those emotions through music, such as depression and memories so that listeners can believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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